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We are a world-renowned scholarly open-access journal publication agency. The journals that we have collaborated with, are indexed in SCOPUS, WOS, Google Scholar, UGC, SJR, DOAJ, etc. Nowadays it is a very hectic job to select respected journals with specific indexing and moreover, the journal follows the best practices of research publication. Article modification after submission, if any will be modified according to our policies of the target journal. The author will be responsible for the originality and authenticity of their article. An article should not be submitted anywhere or should not be under any review or indexed in any other journal before submitting it to RISET Publication.

Copyright of the article will follow the rules and policies of the target journal. RISET Publication has the right to take the preliminary review of the article before submitting it to the target journal. We only provide guidance, support and consultation, and publication for processing your article for publication in target journals.

If any article is given acceptance by the target publication, then the author should pay the charges associated with it. If by any chance, the target journal removes your article, we are not responsible in that case. It is the author's responsibility for the selection of the journal, and cross-checking the information given on our website and the target journal. RISET Publication is not held responsible for issues arising after the publication of the article.


  • The author needs to pay an advance publication processing fee by our publication policies & procedures.
  • Once paid after the article submission, it will not be refunded or returned.
  • The full fee has to be paid only after getting the letter of acceptance from the target journals