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RISET Publication understands and cares about the author’s scholarly research articles that need to get published in Indexed Journals like SCOPUS, Web of Science, Google Scholar, PubMed, etc. In today’s world, technology is evolving in a very rapid process, especially in subjects like artificial intelligence, Big data, Business Management start-ups, etc. So, if you are thinking about getting your article not only published but the quality, recognition, and rank that it deserves, then you must and should consider RISET Publication. We see the journal in every angle possible to bring your article the way it should be brought through our copyediting and formatting procedure to meet all the requirements necessary for Publication in a world-renowned platform of research-indexed database journals

Target Journal

We have been working with Reputed Research Database Journals namely, SCOPUS by Elsevier, Web of Science formerly known as Thomson Reuters, UGC by IGNOU, Google Scholar, PubMed, DOAJ, SJR, etc.

Client Covered

Our clients include Researchers like Ph.D. Scholars, Lecturers, Professors, Scientists, Employees of the Company, and the list goes on. We maintain Authenticity, Assurity, & Customer focus in our publication

Quality Execution

We provide our authors always with a High-Quality indexing facility with a High Impact factor in publishing their articles. Thus ensuring high acceptance rate into world-class research database Journals

Our Credentials

We have satisfied a wide variety of incredible 10K+ customers and 180+countries and counting worldwide. We are very proud of the services that we offer to our esteemed authors


To publish the author's article with the necessary procedures in reputed and renowned research Database indexed Journals like SCOPUS, WOS, UGC, Google Scholar, PubMed, SJR, DOAJ, etc.


To expand and elaborate our network to all kinds of authors regardless of their research papers and to all corners of the world breaking the language and country barrier.