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About RISET Publication Scholars’ Chapters

RISET-Publication chapters bring together Scholarly Personnel together building a strong network in the International community. RISET-Publication chapter organizers are responsible for maintaining the frequency and quality of activity in the research scholarly region, as well as promoting member-specific activities to facilitate interdisciplinary research. They must be able to do the following:

  • Annual financial and activity reports must be filed.
  • Changes in officials and contact information should be documented.
  • Maintain membership, meeting sponsorship, and financial management standards.
  • Gives the opportunity to create a special interest in the group.
  • Assists in the studies of upcoming Ph.D. students and other scholarly personnel.
  • Regional Chapters
  • Eminent Speaker Chapters

Ways to improve chapter engagement activities:

  • We invite our distinguished speakers to speak to chapter members like academic professionals regarding their research queries.
  • Organize the event with the local communities and promote it to attract a large audience or new members
  • Invite industry professional peers and promote the event with our important chapter members. This encourages dialogue and an idea-sharing platform.
  • Screenings are great opportunities to showcase locally made short video clips or animations.
  • Joint gatherings allow members to grow a network with local experts. Professional chapters may educate and guide institutional students.
  • Host a dinner party to establish mutual understanding, and corporate relationships, in order to build mutual trust & respect.
  • Organize welfare activities, Industrial visits, promotions, sustainable outcomes, productive workshops, meetings, team travel, & enlightened speeches.

Ideas for scholarly chapters activities:

  • Invite an eminent speaker to speak on a key topic related to the research area of special interest.
  • Connect different students with professional peers in their desired career field of research
  • For mentoring, pair the scholars with members of the RISET-Publication global technical community and its peers.
  • Periodically invite interested volunteers to sign up for a time frame to guide academic scholars in their research topics in which they are trying to advance.
  • Motivate fellow students & professors to contribute towards scientific studies and obtain funding assistance by submitting their scientific research findings to RISET-Publication.